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Sunday = Funday

As a child, I hated Sundays because nothing ever happened and it was such a lazy day. Now I adore them for precisely that reason. I’m not religious in the least, but that whole “day-of-rest” concept has a lot going for it. Today has been just the right sort of Sunday so far. I went out for a delicious brunch (in a yummy vegetarian restaurant that played Prince songs the entire time we were there – odd Sunday morning soundtrack, but fabulous we decided), then wandered around aimlessly for a while with my sister. This involved (as it tends to with peculiar frequency) us testing out different couches in Habitat (with no intention of buying, we just like to check their comfort levels from time to time) and getting angry looks from the shop assistant. C’mon lady, chill out, we don’t look that scruffy and we weren’t about to scribble on the upholstery in pink marker or anything.

After this sojourn I came home and decided to do something I have been putting off for no good reason, and I finished my handspun scarf (the one I should have finished ages ago).

At least it'll keep me from getting lost in a crowd

It’s a complete hotch-potch of colours, but I kind of like it. If nothing else, it should make me easy to spot in a crowd. Which is something I strive for at all times.

At least it'll keep me from getting lost in a crowd

Pattern: No pattern for this one, it’s just a 1×1 rib over 39 stitches with a slipped-stitch edging. It measures about 6″ x 75″
Yarn: My handspun, spun from the Almost Solid Autumn Sampler from Spunky Eclectic, knit up on 4.5mm needles.

I knit this because I ended up with a pile of tiny skeins of handspun that I knew I could never really use for anything else, which is why the colour combination is like it is. Gotta work with what ya got, yo’.

At least it'll keep me from getting lost in a crowd

Of course the best part of all is that I finally got around to finishing it just as the weather starts getting warm and summery and I haven’t even been wearing a coat all week, nevermind a scarf. And that even if it suddenly gets cold again (which lets face it, is entirely likely) the scarf will in no way go with my coat which is purple. Yup. Practical knits, that’s what I’m all about. Maybe I’ll take to wearing scarves around the house, just ’cause I can. I hear scarves are the new slippers.

At least it'll keep me from getting lost in a crowd



Lookit! I made something!

Or more to the point, I finished something. There’s been lots of starting and putting down, lots of getting distracted by newer, shinier things, and not so much with the following through. But no more! Today, I am a bona fide finisher. And I got a little snap happy in the documentation of said fact, so, good readers, allow me to take you on a visual detour…


Pattern: Twisted Flower socks by Cookie A.
Yarn: Louet Gems Fingering Weight in “Goldilocks”, less than 2 skeins.
Needles: 2.5mm
Notes: I didn’t make any modifications whatsoever, because, well, I’m not completely insane. Seriously, this pattern is complicated enough as is – I am in no way brave enough to go messing with it further. Plus why would I? It doesn’t exactly need any improvements. Although if I were to knit it again (which I highly doubt – I’ve had my fill of microscopic cables for the foreseeable future) I might add an extra repeat or something to the leg, because I ended up with a decent amount of yarn left over.

Ooooh, aren't you a fancy heel!
Even the heel is fancy. Oh to have her (or any) designing skills… Sigh.

A back view, for good measure. Hmmm, I could certainly use some fake tan…

I have a sneaking feeling that I’m going to be afraid to actually wear these, and that they’ll just sit in my drawer for ages, for me to furtively gaze at every now and then. Maybe even put on a little puppet show with… But really, what do you do with socks that are fancier than you are? They make me feel positively plebeian by comparison.


I’m just being indulgent at this point, it’s true. But come on… They’re yellow! And fancy!


Go on, knit yourself some. You know you want to.



So. Today being Saturday, and the weekend, and more to the point, the first weekend in a while when I haven’t had piles of other things to do, I decided to indulge in a little sewing and perhaps make myself a dress. Now for me, long before there was knitting, there was sewing. I had all sorts of dreams of going to college and studying fashion design, becoming an overnight sensation and being on Chloe Sevigny’s speed-dial (girl is stylish). In the end I decided it wasn’t for me, and I didn’t follow through, but I picked up some (vaguely questionable) pattern-making skills along the way. Which means that although I have made quite a lot of clothes for myself over the years, I have never used a bought pattern. Hence, when I decided to make something out of this nice fabric that my sister bought for me on recent trip to New York (the same trip that produced the supercool buttons), it seemed only natural that I design something for myself and make my own pattern. “Nothing to it!” I thought. “What a jolly way to spend a Saturday”, etc.


All I needed was some of that giant tracing paper with which to make my pattern, so off I skipped to the nearby art supply shop to procure said materials. To my absolute shock and horror, of the three art shops I eventually went to, only one had what I needed, and they were insisting I part with 40 euro in order to get it. 40 euro! “Pfff”, I said, “can’t be doin’ with this nonsense” (this I said to myself, not to the slightly haughty shop girl). So I came home empty-handed, plans foiled, and my poor sewing supplies which have been neglected for far too long sadly have a little longer to wait while I come up with a better solution. (Surely there has to be one, right? Any of you out there with any ingenious suggestions for me?)

Saturday afternoon entertainment.

In the meantime, must think of something else to amuse myself with for the afternoon. Sigh.


4 Simple Steps.

I’ve been waiting for something to restore my knitting enthusiasm, and this morning’s timely arrival seems to have done just that. Here’s how it went down:

Step the first: Receive a surprise (in truth, I ordered it, but I didn’t know exactly when it would get here) and delightfully sunny-looking parcel.

the colour that keeps on giving
Yellow: the colour that keeps on givin’.

Step the second: Make friends with the contents. You may do this in a variety of ways. We’re not prescriptive ’round these parts, so I’ll leave that up to you.

Oooh, you’re nice! I have three of you!

Step the third: Engage power tools. A ball winder’s your man here. Wind that yarn! Wind it good!

All wound up and nowhere to go
All wound up and nowhere to go. Oh but don’t worry, I’ve got plans for you…

Step the fourth, aka “The Grand Finale!”: Make hay while the sun shines. Knit! Knit! Knit!

Lace! Ribbon! Scarf!
We have lace! We have ribbons! We have lace ribbons!

Friends, it’s a Lace Ribbon Scarf. It’s a knitting frenzy!



I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising that when one thing changes in your life, everything changes. Even things that are utterly unrelated to the change now seem completely different. They’re still the same, obviously, but you’re not. I haven’t been knitting at all. I thought I would want to, thought it would be calming and therapeutic when I’m feeling down, but instead it just seems pointless. Reading, too. Can’t concentrate. Bizarrely, things I normally hate doing and have to use all kinds of bribery and coercion to force myself to do, are easier to do. Like putting in time on my college work, for example. It’s still a pain in the ass, but if even the things that are normally fun aren’t fun, might as well do some of the things that are never fun anyway and get them out of the way right? All of this is a poor attempt at an excuse for why I have nothing interesting to show you here, but I’ll try to soon.


Not much in the mood for talking…

…so here’s some pictures I took this morning instead:

Soon I will eat you...

Soon I will eat you...


It started with a chair.

As I may have mentioned before, I am doing a masters in film. My dissertation is going to be on gender stuff (y’know, not to be vague or anything), and sort of in the area of women and comedy. Having heard it might be relevant to my studies, I finally went to see Juno over the weekend, accompanied by my mum. So, full of anticipation, off we trekked to one of the few remaining cinemas that was still showing it.

I heart...

Having purchased our tickets we were directed down to the basement of the cinema, which turned out to be a labyrinthine void with oddly scattered cinema screens whose numbering followed no order I could make sense of. Slightly dazed, we eventually found the appointed screen 6, and took our seats. Clearly, we were in the dregs of the multiplex – one of those tiny venues with a small screen and maybe forty seats in all. And, for some rather intriguing reason I would dearly like to discover, fluted plaster columns that came about two-thirds of the way down the glossy red walls and then stopped short of the floor. Upon serious consideration, we decided they were most likely replicas, and probably did not originate in Ancient Greece. But the good folk of suburbia need a little glamour in their lives, surely.

The bizarre surroundings were already making me slightly giggly, when an old man shuffled in and sat down beside me, took out his newspaper and started to read it with almost aggressive enthusiasm, as if he fully intended to continue all the way through the feature, while making excessively loud chomping noises (he did not appear to be actually eating anything, but I didn’t like to get close enough to find out for sure). Sadly the dimming of the lights got the better of his reading, and the film started. Rather unusually, the kind proprietors seem to have felt that simply experiencing a single film, the one you have bought your ticket for, must be poor value for money and thus had cleverly designed their microscopic-dungeon-cinemas so that you could watch the film in front of you while also hearing quite clearly the one in the next room. This, let me assure you, made for delightful viewing. It’s always a treat when the quieter, more poignant moments in any film are shouted down by battle cries from a neighbouring film.

I heart...

Distractions aside, I am sorry to say I found the film incredibly disappointing. Too “cute” for my liking, not enough (or any?) substance. Which might have been fine in a different sort of film, but this at times seemed capable of much more.

Oh and the buttons? Recently delivered to my grateful hands all the way from New York, courtesy of my sister who was there for a week on holiday. Ever received buttons as a holiday-souvenir present? Vintage, 1970s French buttons at that? Downright fantastic is what it is.