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Surprise! Or…

love.1 of 4 skeins of Dream in Color Classy in “Happy Forest”

I love when this happens. I wasn’t expecting this to arrive till the end of the week, and then my cheery postman knocked on the door this morning with a box for me. Kind of a bad move though seeing as I’m way down to the wire working on a chunk of my thesis that has to be handed in tomorrow so I really didn’t need such an alluring distraction. Not that that stopped me. The writing still awaits, and instead I swatched. Like, instantly.

Swatchface Swatchface. Heh heh.

My plan, and the reason I ordered this, was to join in the frenzy that has slowly been picking off knitters the web over, and knit the February Lady Sweater, but now I find myself having doubts. I’ve already cast on, however, and I’m way too indecisive to give in to these doubts so I will most likely keep knitting until it’s kind of too late not to continue, and then eventually end up with a finished cardigan and just never wear it. It’s the least rational, and therefore most likely, outcome. What can I say, that’s how I roll.


Had to include a shot of the receipt for my order because it cracks me up that someone wrote “Enjoy!” on it. Love that. And I have truly taken their advice to heart.

Now, I really really have to do some work. Really. Someone make my knitting decision for me, ‘kay?


No, really.

This may actually be the death of me.

Never again

I have sewn, ripped, and re-sewn these six times. And they don’t even look impressive! AND I now have to cut into them. Y’know, so they can be made pattern-shaped.

They are also the reason for my blogging absence of late. I kept thinking to myself, “Oh, don’t post today, for tomorrow you will have a pretty finished top to show off. Wait till then.” But that was before I realised what a never-ending nightmare pin-tucks had ushered into my life. So I’m giving in and posting now. Also because I need to whine about how bloody infuriating these things are. But really, how can I be grumpy when we’re in the middle of my favourite two weeks of the year?

Soon, soon I shall have something pretty to show. Oh yes, and I have knitting which will be duly paraded about these parts, it just doesn’t look like much yet.


“Oh, this old thing?”

New dress!

“Why that’s just something I whipped up over the weekend… Oh thank you, yes, I do have phenomenal dress-making talents… Well if you think this is impressive, you should taste my florentines!”*

It appears that all this sewing has gone to my head. I have become some sort of sewing-megalomaniac, unaware of any limit to my own talents. I have, if you will, created a monster. Of myself. Heh.

New dress!
Front gathers…

New dress!
… back gathers. Isn’t the difference startling?

But if you wish to shout at me and tell me to stop being so vain, well, I CAN’T HEAR YOU because I’m too busy twirling in my new green dress. Tra la la la la.

New dress!

I made the pattern for this myself, because I prefer to do that than to use bought patterns. It’s just more fun, and I love the designing part. ‘Twas my dream as a young ‘un. I can’t believe I’ve left it so long since I last sewed something – it’s SO MUCH FUN! I predict many more dresses in my future. Maybe I shall even brave sleeves!

New dress!

*It seems all the obnoxious gloating took over my brain and turned me into, among other things, a liar. I have never made florentines. And I imagine that if I did, they would be less than impressive.


Today’s occupations

Reuniting with my first love:

The nerve-wracking part

Forgot how much I love sewing

Forgot how much I love sewing

Man is sewing faster than knitting

And it feels good.

Hopefully I’ll finish this later today, because man is sewing so much faster than knitting. But then I am finding it extremely hard to tear myself away from the French Open final too… Love Sundays. Love Summer.


If I say I’m sorry I can do what I like. Right?

Right?? That’s how it works, isn’t it? Well I am. Sorry. For how boring this is about to be. But that won’t stop me doing it. For not only do I really have nothing of interest to say, but even what I have to show you is boring. Must be something in the water. I swear I’m all about the fun and excitement normally. Just not on this blog, apparently.

But I finished something, so here it shall be paraded.

“Oooh, wow! Plain stockinette socks! We’ve never seen those before!”

See? I told you it wouldn’t be interesting. But in case you really, really want to know, here are the details:

Yarn: Noro Kureyon Sock, 1 skein of no. 149
Needles: 2.00mm (never again)
Notes: No pattern needed for these, seeing as they’re so plain I’m sure a peanut could knit them. Toe-up ’cause I like it like that, magic-loop as always, and a short-row heel. All a grand plan to copy the lovely Elin’s lovely pair.

Short-row heel. Y’know, in case you thought I was lying.

I was never really into Noro and all the colour-changing it’s got going on, but now I love it. This colour at least. Plus I really like the feel of these socks, even though lots of people have complained about Kureyon Sock being pretty rough. It’s no merino, sure, but the socks feel hardy and like I actually won’t be afraid to wear them, so it’s a plus as far as I’m concerned.




Nigh on impossible


… is what it would be for me to love this yarn any more than I do. I love you, Jitterbug! In fact, so great is my love for it that I’m starting to believe it is not only a magnificent yarn, but that it could probably also solve all of my life’s problems. Yes, it’s that good. Squishy, sproingy, fabulous.

And to think I nearly didn’t even try it, having heard fairly damning things about it on Ravelry. Lots of people complained about multiple knots in skeins (none so far), knitted items not wearing well (far too early for me to comment) and the miserly yardage (which I can’t argue with, but I care not! It’s too pretty!). But instead I was delighted to discover that it may in fact be the greatest sock yarn of all time.

Oh and the pattern pictured is the Child’s First Sock in Shell Pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks, which I love love love!

P.S. It’s June! JUNE peeps! This excites me a great deal. Summer summer summer!