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A journey of discovery, ending with a better-adorned neck.

Don't eat the beads

Imagine, if you will, a simple scenario: you want to make a necklace. You decide: beads are the answer!! And just like that a whirlwind of new revelations and lessons is set in place. You may discover, for example, that your spatial relations are shockingly lacking, and you find it entirely impossible to estimate how many beads an average necklace takes. This inability may lead you into a bead-buying frenzy in which you manically gather up the entire selection of small, bright, bright blue beads in the bead shop, and then regret your actions and put maybe four individual beads back in their little compartment all by themselves to disguise the fact that you’re emptying the tiny shop of all of its small, bright, bright blue beads. You may be a little ashamed of yourself for this.

Upon returning home, you may fail to realise that vigorously pouring your beads from the little plastic pouch they were put in in the shop into a nice saucer for easier workability is not the best way to make the transfer, for these energetic little beads bounce back, and scatter themselves far and wide. You realise a gentler approach may have been wise. At this point, you may start to feel that you are somewhat stupider than you had previously thought yourself.


Happily, despite any number of bead-related calamities, it is still possible to end up with TWO brand new shiny blue necklaces in a matter of minutes. AND enough leftover beads to make some sort of ravishing beaded wig, because of course you drastically over-estimated the amount of beads you needed for your necklace plans.


In truth, you may not fall into any of these traps. But I sure did.