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= the number of days left until I get my life back. 1st September: that’s you I’m talking about. My thesis has to be handed in then, and even if it is a gigantic disaster, after that day it will be OVER, and for now that’s all I care about.

I know I haven’t been ’round here in a while, and I probably won’t be much before The Great Looming Deadline (see above), so this is my meagre apology. Anyway, I haven’t been knitting much at all so I have nothing to show. I did sew two dresses though, so if time permits I’ll photograph them and show ’em off here soon.

In the meantime, have some flowers. They’re dead, but kind of nice anyway, no?

Dead flowers




I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising that when one thing changes in your life, everything changes. Even things that are utterly unrelated to the change now seem completely different. They’re still the same, obviously, but you’re not. I haven’t been knitting at all. I thought I would want to, thought it would be calming and therapeutic when I’m feeling down, but instead it just seems pointless. Reading, too. Can’t concentrate. Bizarrely, things I normally hate doing and have to use all kinds of bribery and coercion to force myself to do, are easier to do. Like putting in time on my college work, for example. It’s still a pain in the ass, but if even the things that are normally fun aren’t fun, might as well do some of the things that are never fun anyway and get them out of the way right? All of this is a poor attempt at an excuse for why I have nothing interesting to show you here, but I’ll try to soon.


Everybody wash your kneecaps

I can’t drive. At 24, I have never so much as sat behind the wheel of a car with intent. Nor – and you’d better lean in close for this confession – nor do I have any desire to learn. I live pretty much in the centre of the city, so I walk everywhere I go. Or cycle, for variety. But that’s it. Rarely do I need to make recourse to any other form of transport. So I have little motivation to learn to drive, and I don’t really like the idea of it. I’m sure it’s a useful skill and one I’ll probably acquire some day, but for now I’m happy with my feets.

That said, I love being driven. Especially on long journeys. I don’t know why, but it feels like being given extra time or something. Forced stillness while also moving, plenty to stare at out the windows, permission to let your mind wander and think about anything because as the passenger, you don’t even have to concentrate on where you’re going (unless you’re map-reading, which I also love). Car journeys when I was little involved all sorts of fun and games. Ice-cream stops, being operated on by my older sister in the back of the car (excellent game), but most of all, singing galore! We had a fairly hefty routine of familiar tunes that were belted out with gusto, but for some reason recently I keep thinking about the Sesame Street tape. A quality compilation as a whole, the stand-out track was, without a doubt, Ernie and Bert singing bath-time washing instructions for kids. Since it popped into my head out of nowhere a few days ago, this song has been going round and round insistently and making me extremely happy each time. And whaddya know, like everything else in life, it’s on the internets. So, for your listening pleasure, tah-dah! (Lyrics for the full version here for the curious among you). I’d like to think it was sheer artistic merit that earned this song a place in the car music rotation, but sadly my enthusiastic grubbiness as a child might have had a little to do with it.

More spinning, because a picture-less post is no one’s friend.

Now folks, go forth and wash your… everything!

Really, have you looked at your kneecaps lately?


No Sugar!

So, you have a cold, your nose is running most unappealingly, you’re trying to leave your six-year-old self behind and NOT wipe your nose in your sleeve, but other options fail you… In short, you need to turn your sorrowful sniffles into a “Happy Virus!”

No Sugar!

With their enthusiastic assertions of “No sugar!”, “Break Time!” and “NEW!! Sweet Crackers!”, these tissues cunningly disguise themselves as a tasty snack, but you won’t be fooled. Any misguided attempts to open the packet and sample the promised Sweet Crackers will reveal a soft tissuey inside.

Tissues live here

“Thrilling!” you cry, “all my nose-related woes are over.” Or perhaps, you are like me. Hesitant to use such pretty tissues, they have in fact remained untouched since I was kindly given them over a year ago. BUT! Today I came up with a miraculous idea to resolve my tumultuous inner-conflict: I can use the tissues in the packet, and then replace them with new ones, carefully folded-to-fit! This revelation made me feel simultaneously smug at my smartness and sorrowful at my stupidity. The fact that I came up with such an cunning solution naturally made me feel I must be a genius of Einstein-ian proportions, but the fact that I had never thought of this before made me think that I had no business whatsoever in boasting about my smarts. It’s a fine line. Happily, I shall now have Happy Virus tissues for an indefinite period!


I am superpancaketuesday!

For me today is made far super enough by the fact that it’s Pancake Tuesday (any day that devotes itself to a delicious sweet-good is a-ok with me), but if that ain’t enough for you, it’s also Super Tuesday elsewhere in the world. AND it’s the day of my first blog post. Jumble them all together and you get: Superpancaketuesday!!

Anyway, this is post-the-first of my new blog. A Shrill Caramel is an anagram of my name, which I was gleefully happy to discover, even though I don’t much care for caramel. Hardly the point I say, yes?

I like to knit and make things, I’d like to make more things, and I intend to do so, and then put them here. More on me in the illustrative “About” page.

Mmm, cakes made in a pan…