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Bonjour! Last week was my much anticipated (by me) trip to Cannes for the Film Festival. Which was so amazing, and utterly unlike anything my life normally resembles. The glamour! The dresses! The red carpets! (I know, I know, I create such an aura of fabulousness that you thought my life must feature all these things on a daily basis, but sadly, no.) Oy. Très fun. Sadly we didn’t get to see as many films as we would have liked, because there are all sorts of restrictions on what you can get into (basic rule = the glitzier the premiere, the less likely they are to let the regular folk anywhere near it to contaminate its glitziness). So, because the particular pass we had was the “oh you’re only a meagre film student so we don’t really care about you” pass and not the “oh hello super important celebrity/top-notch executive, right this way please” pass, we only got to go to whatever there were spare invitations to, but it was still super-fabulous, and we still saw some interesting films.

Anyway, I have been on a major French kick ever since (it’s just so much fun to try and speak it, especially when you really, really can’t), so, in order to get some knitting in here somewhere, I bring you:

Le Sock!

I think it's love...

I knit this before going away, but had no time to blog. I still have the second one to do, but this was so speedy it shouldn’t take long. Apparently plain stockinette socks = speedy sock-knittin’ good times! Who knew?

And, patiently waiting for me upon my return home we also have:

Le Spinning Fibre!


4 oz of Corriedale in “Millefiore” from Pigeonroof Studios. Mmmm….

Oh how I wish I was going back for the rest of the festival (’twas just too expensive to stay for the whole thing). Le Sigh. I miss you, Cannes!

* I don’t entirely know what this means, but French people seem to say it a lot, so I feel I clearly ought to also.