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Mr Gore? I’d like a word.

What was that you said about global warming? Because seriously: it’s July. And I’m wearing an alpaca and wool sweater. And I’m NOT TOO WARM. What’s up with that? I’d like to know when summer is ever going to get here. Ok? Thanks.


So, I finished the sweater I was knitting – the one I was asking for button-colour-advice on. Never one to attempt to withstand peer pressure, I naturally followed everyone’s suggestions and went with the orange buttons. Really, it was never going to go any other way.


Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca in 6285, Oceanic mix. A teeny tiny bit over 4 skeins
Needles: 3.5 mm for the bottom ribbing, 4mm for everything else.


Pattern: None, I just wanted a plain sweater that I could wear all the time, and that would be nice and cosy. Why this urge struck me in summer, I couldn’t say. Although it could have something to do with the fact that it’s freakin freezing (see complaints above).


Anyway, it’s just plain stockinette in the round with set-in sleeves, also knit in the round, and 1×1 ribbing around the hem, cuffs and neck. And of course a button placket at the shoulder. Yay buttons!


I was worried about the alpaca stretching all out of shape, but still didn’t want to knit it in pieces and seam, so I used this ingenious fake-seaming tactic (scroll down, it’s near the end). Go! Make fake seams! They’re amazing! Certainly it hasn’t stretched at all in blocking, we’ll see how it wears.


Know what else? Turns out, making something to fit your specific measurements rather than just following a pattern someone else wrote to fit standard sizes results in a way better fitting finished garment. Who knew?


I have much love for this sweater, despite its plain-ness. I love the colour, the fact that it has orange buttons (natch), and most of all that it’s so cosy. A winner in the wearability stakes!



Please excuse me while I pull my hair out, slowly.

So, remember my excitement about getting the yarn for my february lady sweater? I had vague doubts about whether I really wanted the cardigan itself or not, but I definitely wanted to knit it, so I cast on straight away.

Taking shape

And like that, my hesitations were gone. It was love! Who could resist that delicious green? Not I, it seemed. Um, until I finished the first skein of yarn and hard to start a second. Which turned out to be a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT COLOUR! Oh the devastation.


See the way the colour changes about halfway down there? And it was WAY more pronounced in reality. Couldn’t stay. So I ripped back to the yoke and decided to alternate skeins for the body (which I should have done from the start, obvs, but shhh). Initially I thought everything was dandy again, but now… Meh. The colour blends better now, but none of the other skeins I have are really as nice a colour as the one I knit the yoke in. And I really fell for that one, so now nothing else will do. Why they are all so different is beyond me. Yeah yeah, handpainted, I know, but still. So now I’m kind of back to thinking I just don’t really want this sweater at all, that I’m just too suggestible and peer pressure made me do it in the first place. ‘Cept every time I see another lovely one appear on ravelry I want it all over again. Sigh.

Anyway I decide to set it aside for awhile and go back to the blue sweater I was working on. Just sleeves to go, so I need to pick out buttons for the shoulder placket it will have. Initial options are as follows:

But which?

Thoughts? Opinions? It’s looking like the middle ones right now, but I may go nuts and find different ones altogether. Green perhaps? The possibilities are endless!

It started with a chair.

As I may have mentioned before, I am doing a masters in film. My dissertation is going to be on gender stuff (y’know, not to be vague or anything), and sort of in the area of women and comedy. Having heard it might be relevant to my studies, I finally went to see Juno over the weekend, accompanied by my mum. So, full of anticipation, off we trekked to one of the few remaining cinemas that was still showing it.

I heart...

Having purchased our tickets we were directed down to the basement of the cinema, which turned out to be a labyrinthine void with oddly scattered cinema screens whose numbering followed no order I could make sense of. Slightly dazed, we eventually found the appointed screen 6, and took our seats. Clearly, we were in the dregs of the multiplex – one of those tiny venues with a small screen and maybe forty seats in all. And, for some rather intriguing reason I would dearly like to discover, fluted plaster columns that came about two-thirds of the way down the glossy red walls and then stopped short of the floor. Upon serious consideration, we decided they were most likely replicas, and probably did not originate in Ancient Greece. But the good folk of suburbia need a little glamour in their lives, surely.

The bizarre surroundings were already making me slightly giggly, when an old man shuffled in and sat down beside me, took out his newspaper and started to read it with almost aggressive enthusiasm, as if he fully intended to continue all the way through the feature, while making excessively loud chomping noises (he did not appear to be actually eating anything, but I didn’t like to get close enough to find out for sure). Sadly the dimming of the lights got the better of his reading, and the film started. Rather unusually, the kind proprietors seem to have felt that simply experiencing a single film, the one you have bought your ticket for, must be poor value for money and thus had cleverly designed their microscopic-dungeon-cinemas so that you could watch the film in front of you while also hearing quite clearly the one in the next room. This, let me assure you, made for delightful viewing. It’s always a treat when the quieter, more poignant moments in any film are shouted down by battle cries from a neighbouring film.

I heart...

Distractions aside, I am sorry to say I found the film incredibly disappointing. Too “cute” for my liking, not enough (or any?) substance. Which might have been fine in a different sort of film, but this at times seemed capable of much more.

Oh and the buttons? Recently delivered to my grateful hands all the way from New York, courtesy of my sister who was there for a week on holiday. Ever received buttons as a holiday-souvenir present? Vintage, 1970s French buttons at that? Downright fantastic is what it is.